3 Ways to Reward Yourself for Healthy Choices

We all know that making healthy choices is essential for our health, but it can be challenging to do. After a long day at work or school, it’s often hard to find the time and energy to put in the effort needed for cooking, grocery shopping, and other healthy living routines. Here are three ways you can reward yourself with healthy choices.

Treat Yourself to a New Cookbook

Cooking can be an extremely rewarding experience. If you enjoy cooking, reward yourself with the gift of learning by investing in a new cookbook or recipe website. There are thousands of online recipes that range from whatever your dietary restrictions (vegan, paleo, vegetarian) and many different cuisines, cultures, and flavors.

If you enjoy cooking but don’t have time to do it daily, invest in some food prepping equipment that will allow you to make meals or snacks ahead of time during your busy weekdays. A crockpot is excellent for making single-serving healthy slow cooker recipes on the weekends, so all you have to do is pop the meal in your crockpot before you leave for work, and it will be ready by dinner time.

Give Yourself a New Workout or Fitness Goal

If you enjoy working out, it can be very rewarding to set goals for yourself. When you feel like giving up on your exercise routine, remind yourself why this is important and reward yourself with the gift of good health by setting a goal for reaching an ultimate level of fitness. Whether that means running a half marathon, learning a new skill like rock climbing or Muay Thai, or just setting some more realistic goals that you can easily achieve (like completing 50 crunches daily), give yourself something to work towards.

If working out isn’t your thing, but the thought of getting fit is still rewarding for you, set fitness goals in other ways! Take on a new project at work, learn to paint or play the guitar, find an artistic hobby. There are so many different ways you can reward yourself with fitness without having to break out your running shoes!

Take a Class

Everyone loves learning and trying new things. If you enjoy the feeling of accomplishing something, try rewarding yourself with taking a class or workshop on an activity that interests you! You can find classes for anything from cooking to scrapbooking to photography at your local community college or adult education center. Even if it’s just one night a week, you’ll be sure to learn something new and make some friends along the way.

If your schedule is too hectic to commit to a class on a specific night of the week, explore our amazing world by signing up for an online course. You can easily complete these classes from home at your own pace, and they’re less expensive than signing up for a physical class.

Try Something New

Everyone loves to experience the feeling of doing something for the first time. Reward yourself with excitement by trying a brand-new activity you’ve never tried before! Do some research on your area and see what unique experiences there are nearby, or browse through Groupon’s website for deals on local activities that sound fun. You’ll be excited to try something new and make some memories along the way.

Just like trying a brand-new activity, traveling is another rewarding experience that can be very exciting. Try planning an excursion to one of your state’s national parks or monuments; there are many places you might not have even heard about before! If you’re feeling extra adventurous (and have the funds), book a trip to somewhere completely new. The excitement of traveling is something that never gets old, and you’ll be sure to remember all the details for years to come.

Let Yourself Enjoy Something Again

Sometimes a reward can be allowing yourself to enjoy something you prevented yourself from doing. This can be true for a variety of health or physical reasons. For example, many women who have stretch marks after birth feel embarrassed about going to the beach. Sometimes, it can be embarrassing to meet up with old friends to do sports since you can’t perform as you used to when you were younger or thinner. Getting old or having children shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life. Reward yourself with things you enjoy (as long as you can enjoy them safely). Worried about your tummy at the beach? Get a tummy tuck swimsuit. Worried about your sports performance? Incentivize yourself with some new gear and give yourself a reason to use them.

It can be difficult to make healthy choices in your day-to-day life. But, there are lots of ways you can reward yourself for those good decisions and stay motivated to continue making them.