12 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Are you struggling with getting subscribers on your YouTube channel? It’s quite common when viewers leave after watching one video. So, what should you do to turn them into regular viewers of your channel? 

Even you want to grow your channel, you need to follow some strategies. It will help you to grow in the long run. Many digital marketing companies also provide these SEO packages in India. In this article, we will cover 12 ways to get more YouTube subscribers. Let’s find out.

  1. Keep Your Content Consistent

No matter what you are doing, being consistent is necessary. So, you have to be consistent when you are creating content for YouTube. We know it’d be hard to maintain a schedule when you are making creative videography. Make sure you are posting at least one video per week.

  1. Only Create High Watchable Content

We notice many YouTubers create irrelevant videos just because of getting views. It could be harmful to your channel and there’s a chance that you will lose existing subscribers. Too many of poor quality content can distract your subscribers. Make sure you are creating high quality and watchable videos.

  1. Make Sure Your Videos Are Under 5 Minutes

Well, you have to make your videos long, but that does not mean you are filling the video with fluffs. The ideal length of a YouTube should be about 5 minutes. Make sure you are focused on the video and your vision should be clear on your videos. You can hire dedicated SEO expert companies to optimize videos.

  1. Optimize Your Channel For Search Engines

One of the most important factors to get more subscribers is optimizing your YouTube channel for search engines. When you are working on SEO, you will get more organic views. You can also contact a digital marketing company that provides SEO packages in india. So, they can help you with optimizing your channel.

  1. Promote The Channel on Your Website

Promoting your videos and channel on your website is a fantastic idea. If you still don’t have a website, make sure you are creating one. It will be very helpful if you are serious about your brand on YouTube. When you are promoting the channel from the website, you will get more traffic.

  1. Execute Top-Notch Channel Trailers

YouTube has a beautiful feature that can help you to get more subscribers. This feature will help you showing a short trailer when a visitor is on your channel. So, he or she could come back to your channel to watch videos. However, make sure you are creating appealing videos. 

  1. Add Powerful CTA’s Into Videos

Call-to-action is another fantastic feature that YouTube provides for marketers. You just need to use it strategically. YouTube has made it easier, so you will be able to use CTA by using end screen cards on your videos. Make sure you are putting relevant videos on call-to-action.

  1. Create Eye-catching Thumbnails

When you are creating YouTube videos, you may know about thumbnails. However, getting views and subscribers depends a lot on thumbnails. When someone is finding out an eye-catching thumbnail, they will probably watch the video. You can use various tools that are available on the internet to create thumbnails. 

  1. Create Playlist With Relevant Videos

After creating a lot of good videos, you need to put them on the playlist. This way, you will be able to attract more viewers who can be subscribers later. You can also make a series of videos and add them to the playlist.

  1. Connect With The Audience And Make Friends

Well, when we are talking about getting more subscribers, you need to connect with your audience more. Make sure you are interacting with your audience more. You can also encourage them for subscribing to your YouTube channel and watch your future videos.

  1. Use Social Media & Social Media Marketing

Social media is another great tool for promoting your channel and get more subscribers. You can either promote your videos from your personal accounts on social media platforms or you can create individual pages for your brand. Promoting your videos with social media ads could get you more subscribers too.

  1. Invest in YouTube Advertising 

At the initial stage, YouTube advertising could be very beneficial for your channel. You will be able to get the targeted audience by advertising. For example, when you have a channel regarding the tech niche, YouTube advertisement will help you find those people who are actively looking for tech videos.


Growing a YouTube channel could be very beneficial for your brand. Finally, you know how you can get more subscribers on your channel. Make sure you are doing enough research before implementing anything. You can also hire dedicated SEO experts, so they can optimize your channel for search engines.