11 Brilliant Photo Scanner Apps For Android and iOS Devices In 2020

Our old pictures are the wonderful memories that we all keep secured in the forms of photo albums. But as years pass by, the condition of the photo gets depreciated. However, digitizing these photos with a photo scanner app is a brilliant way to keep them secured for a long period. 


Many times images became yellowish, and such poor quality photos are of no use. You can use professional scanner apps to digitize your photos. Here we share an exclusive list of photo scanner apps that are reliable and scan photos easily.

Top 11 Photo Scanner Apps To Scan Photos With Android Devices

We have shortlisted these apps for its high performance and ability to generate sharp scans. Out of many scanner apps for Android devices, these below-mentioned apps are reliable.


While making a list of photo scanner apps, FlashScan tops the list with its unique features. It is a comprehensive app that scans all kinds of papers and photos.

  • This photo scanner app for Android, offers clear, sharp scans in no time. FlashScan scans every type of documents, photos, bills, etc with high accuracy.

  • It gives OCR functionality that excellently recognizes texts from any image.

  • The OCR also gives translation support. Users can translate obtained text from English to any other language.

  • FlashScan is an accurate QR and Barcode scanner app. It reads codes in seconds.

  • The post-scan editing filters improve scanning results.

  • Users can anytime password-protect their PDFs, apply watermark on it and digitally sign documents with PDF Viewer.

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Picture Scanner App By Photomyne

Photomyne is the app that justifies our mention for its best scanning abilities. This photo scanner app for Android offers the below-mentioned features.

  • It is a simple application with a user-friendly interface.

  • It automatically identifies the edges and borders from the image.

  • This professional scanner app offers smart crop, rotate and manual adjustments options.

  • Take multiple photos together and scan them in a blink of an eye with this app.

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Pic Scanner 

Do you need a dedicated app that ensures the best scanning of old photos? Use Pic Scanner as your scanner app for Android devices.

  • It scans old photos maintaining the quality intact.

  • It offers various filters and allows you to add titles like date, place, names, etc. 

  • Easily save your photos in a digital album and share it on social platforms with Pic Scanner.

  • This photo scanner app for Android devices offers auto edge detection.

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Adobe Scan

 Adobe Scan is a renowned photo scanner app for Android and iOS devices.

  • It is a smooth and authentic scanner app.

  • The built-in OCR tool aims to increase the file’s graphics and features.

  • It offers the editing tool to edit photos and scanned papers.

  • Adobe Scan uses the smart crop to identify the edges of the paper.


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Camera Scanner- Image Scanner

While talking about the brilliant scanner apps for Android devices, we can’t miss the Camera scanner, image scanner app. 

  • It enables you to take a picture of any document through the app for immediate digitization.

  • You can quickly share your scanned results.

  • It is an easy to use app, with a neat interface.

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An excellent photo scanner app for iPhone and Android devices that scans photos accurately. 

  • This app uses Google Photos for storage.

  • Get a ton of extraordinary features like glare removal and quality enhancement. 

  • It also offers photo touch up and Google integration.

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Microsoft Office Lens

It is one of the most famous scanner apps for Android and offers the below-mentioned features.

  • You can trust the authenticity of the application as it is developed by Microsoft.

  • It lets you convert and scan image files and other files such as PowerPoint, Word, or pdf files.

  • It offers more high-grade resolution and lighting options while clicking.

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Genius scan

It is one of the most simple scanner apps for Android. Here are some of the main features of this app.

  • Users can scan bills, vouchers, ID cards, old photos, etc with this app.

  • You can export HD photos and can instantly share it on social sites.

  • This app also offers post-scan editing filters.

  • With the help of a smart auto-detect picture feature, this app identifies edges accurately.

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Clear Scanner

It is free yet very efficient for personal document scanning and storage. Get high-quality photo scans with this reliable scanner app.

  •  It scans bills, invoices, photos, vouchers, certificates, etc with a single tap.

  • It detects the edgy corners of the image and converts them into high-resolution PDF 

  • It gives a simple interface with easy navigation. 

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Old Photo Scanner

Next on the list of most useful photo scanner apps is – old photo scanner app.

  • You can spontaneously scan photos with this scanner app for Android.

  • It also offers impressive editing filters.

  • You can add details about pictures like Album name, Event, Time, etc

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Document Scanner

This is a dedicated document scanner app but it can be also used as a photo scanner app. Here are some of the useful features of this app.

  • It offers smart cropping and image rotation.

  • Document Scanner also does noise removal and color correction in old photos.

  • Users can also edit scanned results easily.


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Concluding Notes

Photos are the golden memories that we want to keep with us forever. You can scan and save as many images as you want, with these brilliant photo scanner apps for Android devices. 

Refer to this list and choose the photo scanner app that fulfills your requirements. Get high-quality photo scans hassle-freely with these scanner apps for Android devices.