10 Stunning YouTube Thumbnail Ideas For Your Videos

The Internet has brought us all a great chance to start a business online. People are moving online for their business to get more attention and also more audience. Youtube is growing as the best place to start your business. It is one of the most favourite platforms for youth to start. But in business, whether online or not, it’s always important how you present yourself in front of your potential customer. On youtube, the first impression you make is with your thumbnails. A good youtube thumbnail can easily boost your video views and help you to get more subscribers. It is very important to focus on making a beautiful and eye-catching youtube thumbnail for your video. Multiple tools offer a YouTube thumbnail template, which you can easily customize as per your need and use in your videos.

Top 10 Thumbnail Ideas For YouTube

These 10 creative youtube thumbnail ideas will let you understand how you can create a beautiful and minimalist youtube thumbnail and also customize it according to your needs.

  1. Show Your Face In The Thumbnail

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It’s a proven method to get more views for any youtube channel. Showing a person’s face in the thumbnail will always get you more views than any random stock images. The reason behind it is that a lot of people on the internet still like to consume content with human connections. Thumbnails with a face on them are the best way to make your audience feel that they are humanly connected with you.

  1. Use Text In The Thumbnail

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Adding text in the thumbnail is a good idea. Using such text will help your audience to see what this video is about. The audience feels more inclined towards the youtube videos, which have text on their thumbnail. This is a good practice and used across the youtube community.

  1. No Fancy Fonts

When it comes to adding text, always avoid using fancy fonts. We know that a fancy font looks very amazing on a website, but it is not the case with youtube. Youtube thumbnails with fancy fonts do not convert in a good number of views. The reason that this fancy font is not effective is because of the small screens. In your mobile phones, these fancy fonts are not easy to read, and it does not convert the impressions in views. When you choose a font for text on a thumbnail, it is always better to use a simple and clear font that is easy to read. PhotoADKing has a wide range of fonts that can be used for youtube thumbnails.

  1. Bright Colors Are Important

To stand out between all those youtube thumbnail images, you have to use a brighter and more contrasting colour. Using sharp and bright colours, you can get the attention of the viewer easily. In fact, according to psychology, the most interesting thing is that using a bright yellow colour will get you much more clicks than any other bright colour.

  1. Make Your Elements Big

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When we say big, then what we mean is that always create your youtube thumbnail with bigger elements. Thumbnails may have elements like your face, the title of the video, a channel logo, and many other things. But to get the maximum out of your thumbnail, you must make your elements bigger in size. Those youtube videos with a thumbnail having bigger elements tend to be more attractive for the viewers because they can easily see your video.

  1. Use Your Unique Design


What do you find common in the thumbnails of famous youtube channels? The answer is its unique designs. Work on your unique style to showcase your thumbnail and use it repeatedly in all of your videos. This will create your style of thumbnails. Now, whenever you upload any video using your youtube thumbnail template. The audience will easily notice it and click on it.

  1. YouTube Thumbnail Size – Use The Perfect Size Of Thumbnails

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Using the right dimension of the thumbnail is very important. When you look at the recommendations by Google, you get that the perfect size for a youtube thumbnail is about 1280 * 720 pixels. With this size, you will get the best SEO result for your channel.

  1. Use Emotional Titles

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A smart way to get the attention of the viewer is to use an emotional title in your youtube thumbnail. Using misleading terms may backfire, but using a good click bait title can improve your channel’s performance. YouTubers often use emotional words to get the attention of their audience.

  1. Analyze Your Target Audience

You should always analyse your target audience. Getting ideas about your audience and then creating a thumbnail to target specific audience groups is another way to improve your performance on youtube.

  1. Optimize Your Thumbnail For All Devices

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Optimizing your youtube thumbnail template for all sizes of the screen is another important thing that should be considered. Many thumbnail impressions are coming from small screen devices like smartphones and tablets. You should always optimize thumbnails for those devices as well. 

Bonus!! Use Ready Made Tools

In addition to these 10 ideas, you can use a ready-made tool that can enhance your YouTube video to the next level.

PhotoADKing is also a bonus tool. In order to create a template, it takes a lot of time and effort. Creating one that follows all the above-mentioned ideas isn’t a piece of cake. With an intention to replace all the efforts and time, it offers ready-made templates. These templates are handy to use and can be customized according to your requirements. The thumbnail maker is an additional feature of the tool which lets you create your own design.



It is clear that youtube thumbnails are the first impression. And the first impression is the best impression. Hence, creating your mark in the first attempt with the help of thumbnails is useful for the youtube channel’s organic growth. Using these thumbnail ideas for youtube gaming channels or any other educational and creative channels will get you more than before. Creating stunning youtube thumbnail templates is an art, and different available tools made it quite easier.